Urvertrauen – Wandlung, Emily Hess, 27333 Schweringen, 27.02.-01.03.20
10. August 2019
Intensivausbildung 1/20 International, Nicole Herkert und Gastdozent Peter Hess, 27333 Schweringen, 02.-08.03.20
10. August 2019
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Intensive Course 4/20 International, Peter Hess, Nicole Herkert, 27333 Schweringen, 02.-09.07.20

860,00 €

Art.-Nr.: 02.-09.07.20-Peter Hess-Nicole-Herkert.

Intensive Course 2020 with Peter Hess und Nicole Herkert in Schweringen, Niedersachsen, Germany, 02.07.2020.- 09.07.2020

In a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere several days in the sound room, is possible in intensive training. So you learn not only new things, but also recover and recharge your batteries for your everyday life. The training is framed by sound meditations, which contribute to the harmony of the body, mind and soul and enable the integration of the learned. This makes learning the method easy.